Overclocking q6600 to 3.4 ghz

I decided to write this page in dedication to getting something for nothing. The notion itself is something of an illusion, especially on the internet, but if you own an Intel Core 2 Quad Q PC you will fall into this group. First an overview This is the speed at which the processor operates across all 4 individual cores.

This core is part of a small group of two processors 65nm and essentially the first generation of quad core from Intel. The purpose of this article is to walk you through on getting more from the Q specifically, by doing a simple modification to the processor to alter its speed. This modification will change the front side bus from to mhz. Due to the processors clock rating a Q will move from 2.

This figure is a proven quantitative measure with results posted below. This includes standard off the shelf Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Costco, direct ship or mail order computers. Any vendor, and configuration as long as the processor you have is a Q or Q much more success with the Q I have personally modified over 30 individual Q configurations with this modification with perfect results of 3.

Air cooled fan on a standard heatsink works perfectly fine in this modification. Open your computer up, removing the side panel consult your manual or online how to for your specific model to remove the side panel.

This will be a small bar you press down and over to release the tension, then lift up the latch holding the processor in the space.

Processor will post as 2. As you can see from this chart, the blue line was stock 2. This article is gauged to intrigue your interest on getting more on a product you paid for. This modification is VERY simple and at most with the most novices user would take min. Important notes. I would suggest downloading "Soft Sandra" Do the analysis yourself and post evaluation on your results. You will be highly impressed with the changes and the effect it has on your computer. What sets this modification apart vs.

Please post your comments and results to this. I know some individuals may think this is to good to be true or have had adverse results when trying this.

Overclocking the G0 SLACR Q6600 to 4GHz

All i can tell you as a closing is I have done this modification over times on 30 separate configurations lots of dell 's and only ONE time I had an issue where it did not work. In the bios it still shows 2.

I was starting to lose hope. The Cooler is Scythe Katana 2, you will need a better than stock. Thanks alot! Works for the Xeon CPU too. Essentially is exactly the same a Q, look it up on ark. I have tested this on a couple CPUs and it works great.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in.

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Overclocking Quad Core Q6600 Guide

Mithan Member. Mar 21, 0 I was hoping somebody could tell me what the average stable speed that overclocked Q's appear to hitting, with the following: Quality Air Cooling? Water Cooling? Basically, what can I expect?

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I am aware that some chips OC better or worse, hence the average. Thanks guys. SerpentRoyal Banned. May 20, 3, 0 0. Between 3. Mar 4, 15 0 0. Q oc's seem to be slightly better with P35 motherboards.

I was able to go from 3. Everything else was the same, but the P35 chipset allowed me to gain an extra Mhz. This is with a B3 stepping quad. The G0's are probably averaging a couple hundred Mhz more on air. I would guess air cooled with a good hsf averages were something like 3. Water cooled averages are probably another Mhz higher.

overclocking q6600 to 3.4 ghz

Aug 8, 2, I have anti-overclocking case Silverstone LaScala13 and I got 3.First, you are going to need several programs to record temperatures, monitor your processes, and stress test.

You are going to need coretemp to monitor your…. A very important note: Make sure you have proper cooling. Stock cooling will probably not cut it.

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The T-junction is the maximum temperature at the junction between the processor die and the PCB it sits on. It will shut down to avoid damage, but it is best not to push it. I have a Thermalright Extreme.

That is one of the best heat sinks available right now. You will need proper cooling to over clock your CPU.

How to kill your CPU

Over clocking is a trial and error process. You will probably crash a couple of times. After a crash your computer might not restart right away. Turn off your PSU, wait about seconds and try again. This revision runs cooler and over clocks better. Your results will probably differ from mine. This is a very basic tutorial, and is written for those with very limited computer knowledge, so, vcore, North Bridge, and RAM voltages will not be altered.

They will all remain on auto. This reduces the chances of damaging your precious new system. But, if you want to continue, the CPU handles all the data. Literally every shred of information is passed through this chip. Basically it just does a whole bunch of math. Restart your computer and hit delete during the first few seconds.

overclocking q6600 to 3.4 ghz

This will bring you to the BIOS. You will see a whole bunch of different settings; and, this is intimidating at first. Switch the Ai Overclocking to manual. This begins the trail and error. The higher the FSB the higher the performance.We hit our Core 2 Quad Q's limit after reaching a very respectable overclock of On the downside, we had to increase the core voltage even further in order to reach this speed. In the end, our CPU was being fed a core voltage that was 0. Compared to the E, there are four cores running at overclocked speeds in our system now.

overclocking q6600 to 3.4 ghz

However, we will have to wait for the performance analysis to determine whether that also equals better value for money. Reaching a higher frequency than 3.

We would have had to raise the voltage to a point that would in all likelihood have damaged our CPU. We can't really recommend running a nm processor at a voltage this high anyway, since we can't rule out the possibility that the cores could be damaged beyond repair over the course of time due to electron migration. Simply put, you run the risk that the conducting paths inside the CPU could literally be ablated and thus destroyed by ion migration.

The risk is that one day the computer suddenly shuts down and will never start up again with that CPU. We only ran our CPU at these speeds for a short while to determine its performance at these settings. On the other hand, some models may very well run at such high speeds without even needing the slightest core-voltage tweak.

Core 2 Quad Q 3. Topics Buyer's Guides. See all comments 0. No comments yet Comment from the forums.Log in or Sign up. Attempting to overclock my Q B3 to 3. I'm using AS5 paste too. RKOverFeb 16, I answered you in the other thread.

Answer again dammit! OCZFeb 16, I'll try that now, OCZ. RKOverFeb 17, Have U tryed OCing but with only 2x1gb in ur mobo? I heard that 4x1gb of ram is harder to OC then 2x1 or 2x2gb OT: only thing that is on my mind atm hope that helps.

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BeowulfCroFeb 17, I've hit 3. I've ran Orthos and opened it 4 times and set affinity etc and temperatures are fine. Thanks for the help dudes. Great I was little 2 slow Gratz Btw. Feels better to be at 3. I also have a B3 watercooled. ProdFeb 18, I'll post when I get another BSoD. RKOverFeb 18, Got another. Also what OS are you running. Last edited: Feb 19, ProdFeb 19, I have a B3 Q I can get to 3. Last edited: Feb 23, Forums New posts Search forums. New posts What's new Latest activity New profile posts.

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Q6600 Overclocking - Stuck at x8 Multiplier

Hi to all! Please help me to do the OC safely. Thanks to all in advance. Best regards. And I will use the OC only while gaming! Last edited: Dec 22, Joined Jun 3, Messages 0.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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Overclocking: Dual- vs. Quad-Core CPUs

Jan 11, 0 Here is my problem: I seem to be able to overclock only at the 8x multiplier. I've tried pushing the FSB up to x8 for 3. I went as far as increasing vcore to 1. The highest stable overclock I could get is x8 at 1. I would like to make use my chip's 9x multiplier but I can't seem to get my system stable at x9 no matter how much voltage I pump or how relaxed my ram timings are. I've tried lower FSBs, as low as x9 but the system is still unstable.

Is there something I am not doing right here? I just think it's odd that I cannot overclock with the 9x multiplier when I keep reading so many posts on various forums about Q overclocking.

Thanks for any help. Thor86 Diamond Member. May 3, 7, 0 Overclocking is luck of the draw. Are there additional voltages I should post besides those above? They are: vcore 1. Gillbot Lifer. Jan 11, 28, 17 Watch your Vdroop, mine was horrible with the Q in the socket. I believe I also had the best luck with the 1. If you google for Neo2-FR beta bios, you can find it floating around out there. Also, that board never did clock well for me with all 4 ram slots filled.

You may want to try using only 2 sticks of ram and see if that improves your OC.