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Stainless Steel 1. Bangkok Handbag With in-built thermal sensors to protect your batteries and lithium ion batteries to extend the mileage. We bring you the latest models and designs that you have never seen in Sri Lanka. Second-hand bikes for sale with a new battery pack. With 6 month warranty. Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding our bike. You will feel the difference.

Auto accessories are something, which we usually struggle to find in our vicinity, for exactly what we are looking for …. Your Name required. Your Email required.

Phone No. Your Message. Call Us Today! Facebook Twitter Instagram. Home Products E-Rider. Three Wheel. Challenger Spare Parts. E-Rider Spare Parts. Classic Spare Parts. Reo Spare Parts. Drive Your Way Eco Friendly. Save the Planet. New Models just Arrived. With 72V Battery arrangement, Solid electric bikes delivers the most efficient and safe environment for batteries.

We bring you the latest designs in the world that you never experienced. Our experienced staff is always there at your right hand to make you go further. We Repair and Service all kinds of E-bikes.

bike sale websites in sri lanka

You will love it. Spare Parts for your E Bike Auto accessories are something, which we usually struggle to find in our vicinity, for exactly what we are looking for …. View details. Spare Parts Break me to small parts, but spare some for spare parts. Dealers Trade securities of his own behalf. Technical Technical is not just the machinery.

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Order your Three Wheel Now. Order your Classic Now. Order your Reo Now. Order your Challenger Now. Order your Sporty Now.Cheap Kids Bikes. Spinning Bikes For Sale. Sunday Funday Bikes. Track Bikes For Sale. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

Fully adjustable seat, handlebars, and resistance let you continue to challenge yourself over time, while experiencing a comfortable ride along the way.

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The chain drive mechanism is smooth and whisper-quiet -- particularly nice when watching TV or movies during your workout -- and a heavy-duty crank and steel frame will stand the test of time. Features Fully adjustable seat and handlebars Smooth, quiet chain drive mechanism Heavy-duty crank and steel frame Adjustable resistance Transportation wheels for easy portability Specifications pound flywheel pound weight pound maximum user weight Measures 20 by 43 by 46 inches W x H x D.

The bike has a dipping handlebar and strong aluminum pedals. The computer functions include scan, time, speed, distance and calories. Steel construction and a wide base ensure a stable ride, and the precision flywheel offers a smooth feel. Using a spinning bike is one of the most popular forms of indoor exercise that provides a low-impact, high intensity cardiovascular workout and builds both strength and endurance.

Using a spinning bike, like the Velocity Fitness Spin Bike, is one of the most popular forms of indoor exercise that provides a low-impact, high intensity cardiovascular workout and builds both strength and endurance. The Velocity Fitness Spin Bike features a pound flywheel, double-direction functionality, an emergency brake, and a three-piece crank.

Its computer functions include scan, time, speed, distance and a calorie count. Spinning Bikes For Sale for sale purchasable: available for purchase; "purchasable goods"; "many houses in the area are for sale" For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in Features Fully adjustable seat and handlebars Smooth, quiet chain drive mechanism Heavy-duty crank and steel frame Adjustable resistance Transportation wheels for easy portability Specifications pound flywheel pound weight pound maximum user weight Measures 20 by 43 by 46 inches W x H x D DSC Sykkel til salgs Titan-karbon Sti Singlespeed.Filter by Type.

All Categories Motorbikes Filter by District. Filter by Make. Motorbikes for sale in Sri Lanka Showing 1 - 27 of 73 ads. UsedViews: Other Junlin electric bike - 50 km KegalleMotorbikes Other Junlin electric bike -New batteries available No need license or helmet Top speed kmph 3 speed control Battery capacity 6-FM Rechargeable battery Max weightkg Fully electric More details about this bike:- 1.

Rated power: 48V W 48V 3 3. Privately imported from Japan Genuine buyer's are always welcome. Bajaj pulsar - km GampahaMotorbikes Bajaj pulsar -registered 2nd owner,Original paint,new battery,Good condition. Low genuine mileage around km in both bikes. Purchased Brand New. First Owner. Maintained by Stafford Motors. In very good Condition. Can be inspected as well as can get all maintenance records by the company.

Price can be negotiated upon inspection.

bike sale websites in sri lanka

Yamaha - km AmparaMotorbikes Yamaha -Good condition paerstional office use. Call only.

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Location : Marawila. Bajaj Pulsar - km ColomboMotorbikes Bajaj Pulsar -hodata thiyenava licen insurnes na 1year gannvanam witharak katha karanna meter sell serama wada salli hadissiyakata denne.

Call me. Top Sellers. Find Shops.KTM motorcycles in India are considered as fine breed for racing, off road and as street models. KTM Motorbikes are provided with high powered Engine and it can give endurance on long comfortable riding, They have the Austrian engine Technology and now it is combined with the Indian motorbike manufacturer Bajaj.

Their main use id considered for motorcycle racing on tracks and Off-Roads. KTM motocross motorbikes had earned more than world titles in the world motor-cross championships. From onwards, Bajaj jointly developed cc and cc motorbikes under the brand name KTM for to sale in Europe and in the Far East.

Their motorbikes are using upside down telescopic front forks in all their latest models. Meanwhile the larger models are imported directly in to India. RC Models are provided with full fairing. Some of the KTM models available in India may lack few of the futures that are available on the European models, to suit the Indian motorcycle market pricing.

You may not have the ride by wire facility in the Indian version. KTM models are having good sales in India while they may lack some of the futures that are available in the European models. But its power and torque are the same as the European models. Ride KTM motorbikes with confident and comfort on the streets.

Official KTM website. Super Motorcycles You can read about the motorcycles that are called as popular, super, top 10 and dream motorcycles in the riders' world.

It can be a cross country machine, cruise, speed star, highway rider or GP model. Read More. Here you can find the local and International motorcycle show and motorcycle related events information.

These shows make links between Motorcycle enthusiasts, manufactures, dealers and media people. Top Selling Motorcycles in Asia region are here. This list didn't count on the Indian made machines although India got many special bikes.

bike sale websites in sri lanka

We will look at them in another sector. KTM Motorcycles. KTM Motorcycle Prices. Motorcycle Shows Here you can find the local and International motorcycle show and motorcycle related events information.Let it be known, from now until the end of their respective careers, that this is the only time either one will enter a fight without owning a dominant advantage in this category.

That's what makes this fight unique to any other. Defense: Part of what makes this matchup so fun is that both are polar opposites in terms of their natural inclinations. Lomachenko is a flashy offensive whiz who uses footwork and awkward angles to break opponents down. Rigondeaux is more comfortable avoiding punches and exposing his opponent than necessarily making him pay.

Like his contemporary Floyd Mayweather, "El Chacal" is in the conversation among the greatest defensive fighters who have ever laced up gloves. Intangibles: Lomachenko is in the midst of his physical prime at 29 and has been both active and ambitious in his short career, having fought for a world title in his second pro bout. Rigondeaux is a different story.

In fact, there are more things going against him than for him in this fight, including age and weight. As someone who identifies more as an in-ring artist than prizefighter, Rigondeaux's brilliance doesn't always lend itself to easy translation (and appreciation) by judges.

Lomachenko has promised to walk through Rigondeaux "like a tank" and knock him out. While the bold proclamation births the potential for entertainment, it also threatens to summon a dangerous version of Rigondeaux only seen the rare times opponents have forced it out of him through pressure.

What should decide early what kind of fight this turns out to be is just how much the difference in size ends up playing a factor. If Rigondeaux is able to make Lomachenko pay for closing distance without without being defied dramatically by age and his own chin, this one has all the makings to be high-speed chess at its finest. Lomachenko isn't big for 130 pounds and doesn't employ a style (similar to how Orlando Salido leaned on him in his lone pro defeat) where the extra weight will make much of a difference.

Should Rigondeaux survive the early rounds, it will be interesting to see which boxer is forced to alter his style first and make an adjustment. It's a scenario that will be predicated upon who wins the early battle of hand and foot speed to control pace and distance.

Rigondeaux has been a maddening fighter to watch because of how pedestrian he can look when opponents are unwilling (or unable) to bring out his best. For every flash knockdown he has suffered through a lapse in concentration while coasting on the scorecards, Rigondeaux has equally dazzled when pushed (think the opening rounds against Donaire) to remind just how absurdly talented he is.

It's because of that feast-or-famine style as a purveyor of the Cuban school of boxing, doubled down by inactivity and marginal competition, that Rigondeaux is so polarizing as an equally under and overrated figure.I was doing an awful lot of exercise and had to eat a lot of sugar in the form of liquid gels and carbohydrates - such as rice and pasta - to keep my energy up.

What was it that made you decide to give up sugar. When my sister got cancer, the nutritionist told me that she should give up sugar and I found that quite telling. I did some research and realised I was a slave to it. Stop eating it and you stop mood swings, bad skin and weight gain. Did it make you grumpy. I was more prepared this time round though, and have, for the most part, managed to taper off my sweet tooth. Sugar-free to me means a diet free of refined sugar - things like processed foods and white flours, rice and bread.

Has quitting sugar changed the way you think about food. I used to get stuck making the same 10 meals. Also, spelt or barley make delicious alternatives to risotto rice.

What health benefits did you notice after giving up sugar. It definitely had an impact on my energy levels and my skin looks loads better. It took a while to get to that point but was worth the wait. What were the hardest times when you gave up sugar.

How did you beat the cravings. Just something to give me a sweet hit. Do you think success is all in the preparation.

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Do you avoid any fruits or natural sugars. However, fruit is a great snack to have. What alternatives do you use in baking. What would be your ultimate tip for anyone thinking of going sugar-free. The most important thing is not to beat yourself up if you slip - just pick it up again the next day. Be realistic, make sure you have something sweet but free of refined sugars in the fridge in case you get a craving. Whether you're looking for sweet substitutes, sugar-free baking guides or simply want to find out your recommended daily amounts find all the answers in our sugar hub:All you need to know about sugarStill struggling to get your head round sugar.

Let us know your questions below and we'll do our best to help. Comments (11) Questions (2) Tips (0) I am one year today into a lifestyle change, gave up a HUGE addiction to sugar that had me stuffing my face with chocolate every night. I say this because I am very disappointed at how this article handles the topic, with no science around the process of giving it up, no clarity around what makes sugar unhealthy, and spreads myths about what is "sugar".

Being "natural" means nothing. Poison Ivy is natural, doesn't mean you should eat it (I know I know hyperbole, but the point is that "natural" is just a marketing term). I am very passionate about this topic, as I have found the benefits of ending my sugar addiction to be extremely positive for my physical and mental health.